Two Wheels in 2011 Predicted to Reach 8.4 Million Units

Jakarta – Who would deny, that Jakarta is one of the crowded capital city filled with millions of motorists. This makes the bike a good alternative for people.

I predict the entire motorcycle sales in Indonesia for the year 2011 could reach 8.4 million units for all existing models, “said Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) Gunadi Sinduwinata, on the sidelines of the launch of Suzuki Axelo at the Peninsula Hotel, Friday (28/01/2011).

Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association also said that there are many supporting factors that could make this realized (two wheeler reaching 8.4 million units in 2011).

There are many supporting factors why society still prefers two wheeled vehicles. One of them, traffic jams, other than that, it is the economic growth. Therefore we have to maintain interest rates and inflation. And the two wheeled vehicles are now not just a vehicle of interest in Jakarta but also on big demand in other places, this signifies that our economies in these other places have also been increased, “he explained.

Gunadi also predicted for two-wheeled vehicles, automatic models will remain desirable by the community. “Automatic types are more preferable for mothers and young children. But underbone also has different character that make this model has its own market share. So we will not be able to forecast which model will be larger this year,”added Gunadi Sinduwinata. (ddn/ndr)

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