AHO alias Automatic Headlight On

Recently, users of motorcycle rider and car driver usually hear new feature, called AHO. What is AHO? AHO stand for Automatic Headlight On, its mean the head lamp or main lamp will automatic on when engine start.

This AHO feature is support for Safety Riding program that tide up with Traffic and street transport Law number 22, 2009, article 107 verses 2, is about drivers or riders should turn on head/main light on during the day.

Some new models which already release in national market, already adopt this new feature, for example Honda Spacy, Honda Blade, Yamaha Xeon, V-Ixion, Vega ZR, Jupiter, Suzuki Hayate and Axelo.

By using this new feature, hope that’s the number of traffic accidents can be reduced. Just for information, that traffic accident is a top three that causing death in Indonesia, after heart attack and stroke, this information from Transportation Department. On year 2009, motorcycle accidents contribute 55.6 percent from total accidents on the street.

Translated from : http://autos.okezone.com/read/2011/08/04/424/488156/aho-alias-automatic-headlight-on