About Us


As a consequence of growing demand of motorcycle and the intention of the Indonesian Government to develop the motorcycles Industries, PASMI was founded in January 28th 1971 by among others initiative Dr. Hadi S. Topobroto, who served as its first Chairman from 1971 to 1981.

The Chairmen thereafter were :

Lt. Gen. (Retired) Drs. Sukahar, Mr. Subronto Laras and Drs. Sutrisno. PASMI always have philosophy or agile organization where most of the important tasks were and still executed by able staffs on temporary or permanent assignment from members. PASMI has actively participated in the government efforts in the formation of a strong and viable motorcycle business and industries as well as actively participate in the international motorcycle activities, among others in formation of FAMI (Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries) which among others based on the Bali Declaration signed in Bali.

  • To become a counterpart of the Government in the development of competitive and responsible motorcycle business and industries in Indonesia,
  • To help members in achieving efficient motorcycle production to masses through synergy and co-operations that mutual beneficial for the society at large, by helping to create conductive and responsible to environment among two wheeler industry in its quest for a better return for its stake holders
  • To strive a favorable business climate and environment that are conductive to the development of the motorcycle industrial/distribution system for the benefit of its stake holders.
  • To strive for the development of fair and ethical business practices within the motorcycle trade and industries in Indonesia as well as in the international environment.

AISI, as a national wide organization will strive to coordinate its member in its goal to achieve the objectives of:

  • To share knowledge and expertise on motorcycle that are generally fall outside of competitive nature.
  • To being an active and responsible member of International Motorcycle Communities, including, but not limited to FAMI; AAF (ASEAN Automotive Federation) and IMMA.
  • To support cooperation among the members in coping with the improvement of safety, exhaust emmision, regulations, homologation and other mutually beneficial activites among the stakeholders of motorcycle producers: producers; users; government regulators; traders, etc.
  • To support activities as requested by individual member.
  • To support activities in enhancing image of motorcycle in the society at large.
  • To fight for the development of fair; ethical and responsible business practices.
  • To continuously monitors national and international regulations and policies governing the motorcycle business and industry and to coordinate proactively responses of the members as requested.

Board of Management

Johannes Loman



Vice President I

Teuku Agha Alravy

Vice President II

Joni Kiswanto

Vice President III

Marzal Tirtadirdja



Hari Budianto

Secretary General

Rudi Prayitno Putra Firmansyah

Secretary I

Gusti Agung S

Secretary II

Istiyani Susriyati

Secretary III

Ahmad Muhibbuddin

Public Relation

Head Of Committees


Industry & Technology

Sigit Kumala


Muliadi Arifin


Victor Assani Desiawan

Road Safety & Motorsport

M. Antudrikal Qomar

Training & After Sales

Andi Hartanto

Head Legal, IPR & HRD

Dicky Gondo Saputra

Vice Legal, IPR & HRD

Name of Member Companies

PT. Astra Honda Motor
PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia
PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor
PT. TVS Motor Company Indonesia
PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing